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I never thought I’d be the one to say “we met online”. But that’s the case with my friend Haley Sheffield.

If one thing is for certain, digital photography brought an end to tangible photographs. Images living inside your hard drive from now to an infinity. Or maybe they even live in a cloud… what the heck is a cloud? However, there is a saving grace. Many up and coming photographers are trying to bring the “invisible photograph” back to our hands. Haley is definitely one of them and I am right there beside her. Yes, she photographed my engagement and wedding and will be there to photograph every other milestone in fact if I can get her on a plane.

As I traveled to Atlanta, it was crazy to think that if it were just ten years ago, I would have never made this dear friend. So I do owe that to the digital age. Well Atlanta was an amazing city with creativity overflowing. Art on every available blank space. Maybe this is where T-swift got her idea? Haley and I have been discussing my relaunch and has been a mentor and inspiration. So much magic happened in this artful photography workshop that I was a part of. I am bursting at the seems to share these amazing images.

 For now, you can check out these taken by Haley.

Included are those little gifts of inspiration, my Grandma’s photographs.

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Photographs courtesy of The Photography of Haley Sheffield

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