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I began photographing others after I inherited a box of my Grandmother’s photographs when she passed. I know over the years, she meticulously glued down each and every one of these images in an album. I’m not quite sure how they came to live in their current state, boxed up and forgotten. The reminince of old black paper torn from the pages of where they once lived remained on their backs. Beautiful tones of black and white and pretty scalloped edges; these little photographs were such a gift.

Inspired by my families personal collection, I wanted to do the same for our generation.  It was a true realization of how we live in such an untangible world. I thought to myself “when was the last time I printed a photograph and held it in my hand?”

It is with great joy that I present to you my newest packaging. Beautifully hand made heirloom inspired boxes from a local artist working for over 25 years. Included inside is a custom a USB and printed highlights, as my gift to you. This packaging is available exclusively for weddings but can be added to any session of your choice, along with albums and signature prints.

This is Your Photography Collection.

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Packaging: Tactile Books

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